Pegasus Airlines: Delighting a New Type of Traveling Customer

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Introduction to MarketingAssignment 1
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Introduction to MarketingAssignment 1

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Pegasus Airlines: Delighting a New Type of Traveling Customer The following is a case study of an airline called Pegasus founded in 1989 in Turkey, which has already been flying for over 20 years and is Turkey’s most established private airline. It experienced financial crises a couple of times since it was created but yet, it won about a total 4.4 million passengers in 2008 because it was known as a low-cost airline. The key to its success is the fact that Pegasus Airlines makes sure it is continually developing to meet customer expectations and priorities that is why it refers to itself as the “DELIGHT TRAVEL” airline. Give examples of needs, wants and demands that Pegasus customers demonstrate, differentiating these three concepts. What are the implications of each for Pegasus’s practices? Needs, wants and demands are three of the key concepts of marketing, and are differentiated as follow. Needs are a state of deprivation. They are the basic requirements and essential for either physical or psychological. For example, when human feel hungry, they need food, otherwise they will die for hunger. Needs will become wants when they are directed to specific objects that might satisfy their needs, though these needs are not mandatory part of life. People need food when they feel starving but may want a hamburger or something more. Therefore wants are mainly dependent on the needs of humans themselves and are shaped by one’s surroundings and backgrounds. Lastly, demands are the wants for specific products or services that are backed by an ability and willingness to pay for them. They are a step ahead of wants but may not be able to fulfill them. When people want something premium like luxuries, meanwhile,...
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