Peer to Peer vs Client Servers

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Business Controls & Scalability
Information technology and resources are the primary responsibility of IT Managers who are also charged with protecting and securing these assets from theft, damage, infiltration and misuse. Critical decisions need to be made regarding how businesses evolve into the rapidly changing technological advances with regard to these issues. Managers are faced with two information systems issues: systems reliability and scalability. Additionally, the financial investments involved with moving forward and keeping up with state of the art technology is a mitigating factor. This paper discusses the decision of how a company’s network operating system is to be set up and whether or not to invest and expand businesses operations. Evaluation and Goal Achievement

Today’s IT managers rely on information technology in order to improve their business processes and streamline the operations. E-commerce is the crucial link in closing the communication gaps between businesses and their customers, business partners and suppliers. Companies need to evaluate what business processes are needed to accomplish their goals in deciding what computer network to deploy. To obtain the full value of new, networked systems, firms must have a clear strategy: specific implementation plans; and a business, organizational, and IT infrastructure that support the proposed strategy. This usually means that modifications to the firm’s internal environment should be concurrent with new technology implementation (Frenzel, 2004). Changes are always necessary when working with technology, so whether a business is just starting up or has been in business for some time, decisions need to be made regarding using local workstations (peer to peer networks) or a more complex approach of internal client/server architectures. Failure to do so will result in inefficiency and lack of effectiveness of the technology and will most likely result in counterproductive efforts. When a business can achieve maximum proficiency and effectiveness by changing the structure and business processes, they are practicing Business Process Re-engineering (BPR). This process allows companies to align their efforts with their goals. Strategy Development

First IT managers and company owners need to clearly define their needs and expectations. A good business plan can aide in this discovery to keep things focused on the mission and the goals of the business. In terms of technical needs, however, that is a whole other subject requiring extensive knowledge of technology. Owners are going to rely on the advanced technical abilities of their IT department in order to determine all the needs of the business architecture and deployment. IT managers must first evaluate the owner’s needs and expectations in terms of the business controls and scalability in addressing how they plan to establish a network operating system. To further explain, a network is either a peer to peer (also called a workgroup) or a server based (also called a client/server). Both of these require some form of special software in order to control the flow of information between users being networked called a Network Operating System (NOS). The network operating systems monitor, and at times control the flow and exchange of files, email and other network information. Let me give a brief description of what client operating systems and network operating systems are by providing a clear distinction between the two. Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 7 and 8 are perfect examples of client based operating systems (peer to peer) and Microsoft Windows Server, Windows NT and Novell NetWare are perfect examples network operations systems (client/server). The business owners and IT Managers need to evaluate what their needs are and determine growth forecasts in order to decide which operating system they want to deploy. Do they need to keep...

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