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Writer’s Response to Peer Review
Patricia arias
Central Connecticut State University
Writing for the Social Work Profession – SW225
Dear ____,
In this letter I will be responding to a peer review you made on my cover letters. I would like to begin by thanking you for reviewing my and assisting me in improving it. You pointed out certain things I overlooked while completing my first draft and made some helpful suggestions. Throughout the letter I will be addressing the concerns and suggestions you made on my peer review. I will be addressing issues concerning the organization and structure, body and overall review of my cover letters. I would like to begin by addressing the organization and structure portion of the review. I believe you gave me good constructive feedback on making corrections to my cover letters. You suggested I elaborate more on my educational background. I agree with your suggestion and believe that I should have added information about my educational background. I did not include many details regarding my educational background which is necessary for employers to know. I do believe I need to expand on those details. I would like to address your concerns about wordiness. You stated my cover letters were written and constructed well. I gave relevant information regarding my skills and experiences that are required for the positions applied for. You also noted that I did a great job in expressing my passion for the field. However, I need more clarity in sentence structure and less wordiness. I thank you for your encouraging words and I agree with your suggestions. I need to make certain changes in order to word my sentences differently. That was a good idea on how to sharpen my writing and will be taken into consideration upon editing. I agree and will be making changes accordingly. In conclusion, by reviewing my cover letters you pointed out certain things I overlooked during my first draft. There were some strong areas...
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