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Topics: Video game controversy, Psychology, Writing Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: February 5, 2012
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Appendix G

Peer Review Checklist*

What is the main point of this paper?
Whether video games are good or bad for people, and how popular this industry really is.

What is the greatest strength of this paper?

I enjoyed the way the author has all of his research in such great order. His numbers and statistics help explain what he/she is writing about. The graphs are also very informative. The author studied the subject very well. What material does not seem to fit the main point of the paper or does not seem to be appropriate for the audience?I would say that even though the author does make quite a bit of sense and the information was very informative and well thought out, video games being considered an art may not quite fit in with this paper. Since there is so obviously so much controversy, I do not know if a reader would like this in a paper.

Has the author sufficiently addressed counterarguments? Explain your answer. I would say yes the author has. The author has explained in every paragraph the positive, the crime, the art, video games and America. The author also went into detail on each subject and defended his subject.

Where should the author add more details or examples? Explain your answer. I would say the crime section could use more information, however I did see that the author is going to add more. There seems to be quite a bit of controversy in video games and crime comes into the picture in the news, etc. This would be interesting to read.

Where is the writing unclear or vague?
In the crime paragraph, the writer states, “Violent games such as the Grand Theft Auto are hounded mercilessly by special interest groups”. I would like to know why Grand Theft Auto is hounded so much. I do not know much about this game and would like to learn more about why people are wanting it banned.

What is your favorite part of this piece of writing?
I like the end of the paper, the conclusion. It is the...
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