Peer review

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Peer Review
Michael J
DeVry University

Considering the most integral part of one’s paper, the data and information provided has to be well founded. That is why the research portion is the most important part. Anyone, can form an opinion, in which in the individual’s point of view might drown out the factual evidence. Secondly, what good is legitimate factual information, if it is interpreted badly. Therefore, one must have an open mind, and see all sides of the topic before making irrational statements. The editor differs from the peer reviewer in the sense that the editor basically has the final call. The editor has the final call on what is submitted for publication. The peer review provides the early insights to the author for correct data and strength of argument.

In all honesty, I can not validate if the article has been peer reviewed. I can clearly determine the publisher, so if the article went through the right processes, then one can assume that it has been reviewed. With blogging being a large source for articles, there are comment sections for readers to respond to. I do think that this is a comparable yet public way of seeing it as a peer review, however given that it is open to the public one could only imagine that some comments may not be fact based and more of a opinion base review.

Today’s Technology and increasing Social Isolation
Michael J
DeVry University

Letter to the Editor on Today’s Technology and increasing Social Isolation
The advantage of being in your mid-thirties during this time is that you are able to remember a little bit of everything that has to do with the technology boom that took over today’s society. In response to your article, I want to elaborate on how “gadgets” have replaced human intimacy. I agree with the author, because just as she stated in the article, it seems today’s society cannot be without their electronic gadgets. The more we grow attached to these things, the...
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