Peer Pressure

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 Chapter 1
Adolescence is a time of transformation in many areas of individual’s life. In the midst of these rapid physical, emotional, and social changes, youth begin to question adult standards and the need for parental guidance. It is also a time for individuals to make important decisions about their commitment to academics, family, and perhaps religion. Young adults begin to ask questions such as, “Is school important to me?” and “How do I want to spend my time?” The choices that adolescents make regarding their motivation, engagement, and achievement in school (in life) and the satisfaction they obtain from their choices depend, in part, on the context in which the make such choices. (Ryan, 2000)

Teachers, parents, and peers all provide adolescents with suggestions and feedback about what they should think and how they should behave in social situations. These models can be a source of motivation or lack thereof. Modeling refers to individual changes in cognition, behavior, or effects that result from the observation of others (Ryan, 2000). Observing others perform a particular behavior or voice a certain opinion can introduce an individual to new behaviors and viewpoints that may be different from his or her own.

Academic Performance of the students shows on how he or she excels on the school. Especially to the college students it is really hard for them to maintain a good academic performance throughout every semester. As a college student we can encounter lots of problems most probably when it comes to their peers and parents. According to American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP), Peers play a large role in the social and emotional development of children and adolescents. Their influence begins at an early age and increases through the teenage years. It is natural, healthy and important for children to have and rely on friends as they grow and mature. Peers can be positive and supportive. They can help each other develop new skills, or stimulate interest in books, music or extracurricular activities. However, peers can also have a negative influence. They can encourage each other to skip classes, steal, cheat, use drugs or alcohol, or become involve in other risky behaviors. The majority of teens with substance abuse problems began using drugs or alcohol as a result of peer pressure.

This research aims to know the Effects of Peer and Parent Pressure to the Academic Performance of the HRM 3rd Year Students of UIC Specially, it seeks to answer the following questions:
1. How does peer pressure be a positive or negative effect to college students 2. In what way parents pressure their child towards their academic performance 3. How can the students manage not to be pressured from both Peers and Parents HYPOTHESIS

Theoretical framework is concerned with or involving the theory of a subject or area of study rather than its practical application. Psychologist Erik Erikson built upon the work of Sigmund Freud but focused more on social rather than sexual aspects of development. He organized psychosocial development into a lifespan model of eight stages from birth to death. Each stage is characterized by an issue in conflict between an individual’s makeup and the societal context. Adolescents are in Erikson’s fifth stage, which is characterized by a conflict between identity and identity confusion. This is when humans most wrestle with the questions of “who am I?” and “where am I headed?” Autonomy

Children seek to become independent from their parents and immerse themselves in their own social environment during adolescence. In order to increase their autonomy and explore their own individual identities, adolescents also need to question their parents’ rules and behaviors, says University of Michigan professor Jacquelynne S. Eccles. As a result of questioning their parents and spending less time with them,...
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