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Topics: Adolescence, Peer group, Peer pressure Pages: 2 (415 words) Published: December 1, 2013
Pressure to Abuse Drugs
Among many forms of peer pressure imposed upon teens, pressure to abuse drugs may be the most prevalent in society. In fact, peer pressure has been found to be among thestrongest influences of drug use during adolescence.[1] One may feel that if they abuse drugs, they will automatically be accepted by their peers. Teens might tell themselves they will only try a drug once, but many find themselves under continual peer pressure to continue to experiment with drugs and ‘join the party’.[2] It has been shown that if a child hangs out with a delinquent group, they are more likely to participate in delinquent behavior. Parents should control or monitor the friends that surround them so abuse may have a lesser chance of happening, even if there are other reasons for the drug use. Pressure to Steal

Another thing teenagers may be peer pressured into doing is stealing. Some might shoplift to seem “cool” or because it’s daring. Some shoplift because their friends do and they want to be part of the group.[3] Many groups will use theft as a sort of initiation into their groups by requiring any new members to commit a crime to prove that they are “worthy” external image shoplifting.jpgof hanging out with them.[4] Many adult thefts have admitted that they started stealing when they were teenagers. This may be due to peer pressure or, as stated before, because it’s daring.

Pressure into Violence
Along with drugs and theft, teens may even be pressured into violence. Violence sometimes will be a teen’s own decision, but peer pressure can have a big effect on it, too. When teens act violently, an audience often fuels their behavior. [5] They may feel they need to impress their friends or prove themselves to be superior to somebody else. Bullying often plays a role in teen violence and tends to be impacted by peer pressure.[6] Summary

Peer pressure can influence a teen to abuse drugs, steal, or even harm others. Teenage peer pressure can leave teens...
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