Peer Pressure

Topics: Adolescence, Obesity, Peer pressure Pages: 13 (4849 words) Published: August 8, 2009
Ways to overcome teenager peer pressure.
Peer pressure, in terms, means social pressure on somebody to adopt a type of behavior, dress, or attitude in order to be accepted as part of a group. In other words, some teens will make your teen do something that they don't really want to do, for say: sex, drugs, and drinking. Want your teen to not give in? Steps

1. Sit down with your teen. Talk to he/she or them about the dangers of drinking alcohol. Tell them that they will face peer pressure throughout all their teens and you will not be there to help them when they face it. 2. Show them what can happen. Go online and look up peer pressure and drinking. Show your kid(s) the consequences of alcohol, peer pressure, and binge drinking. 3. Make them understand about the outcome of drinking. Tell them that it could lead to: sexual activity, physical harm, accidents, drunk-driving and a lot of problems that may and could interfere with their personal health. 4. Teach them what can happen. Drinking can cause them to: o You will look ludicrous. The notion is that drinking is cool, but the nervous system changes that come from drinking alcohol can make people do stupid or awkward things, like throwing up or peeing on themselves. Drinking also gives people bad breath, and no one enjoys a hangover. o Teen drinkers are more likely to get fat or have health problems, too. One study by the University of Washington found that people who regularly had five or more drinks in a row starting at age 13 were much more likely to be overweight or have high blood pressure by age 24 than their non-drinking peers. People who continue binge drinking well into adulthood risk damaging their organs, such as the liver, heart, and brain. o Teens who drink put themselves at threat for obvious problems with the law (it's illicit; you can get arrested). Teens who drink are also more possible to get into fights and commit crimes than those who don't. o People who drink daily also often have difficulty in school. Drinking can damage a student's ability to study well and get decent grades, as well as affect sports performance (the coordination thing). Tips

• Got to for more help on: sex, drugs, alcohol, peer pressure, etc. • Tell your teen that they do not have to drink in order to be cool. Most teens drink because they think that it will make them appear cool and think it will help them fit in. • Tell your teen(s) that anytime that they need you for anything, you will be here for them. Warnings

• Just in case your teen is drinking, be careful what you say. Too many of our teenagers are drastically over weight. The shocking fact is that 14% of our teenagers suffer from obesity. That number has doubled since the 1970s. The illnesses that can affect teenage obesity are vast and include high blood pressure, diabetes and, heart disease. Why has the teenager obesity rate doubled? Many experts blame the obesity effect on the technology of video games, video arcades and, too many television channels to choose from. Sadly, it’s not as often anymore that we see a bunch of children playing kick-ball in the school or park. Nor do we see pick-up stickball or softball games. Can we blame this all on technology? Some, but perhaps not. Society itself has made the family unit more private these days and instead of neighborhoods full of closeness, children, and parents who all know each other, we have developed into a society of staying in and playing in. Too many state and local governments are the first to cut park and park supervision expenses. After all, parents are so busy themselves and at the end of the day, their energy level isn’t helping the teenage obesity problem or their own overweight issues. Hollywood still promotes those frail and skinny men and women that our children are supposed to emulate. Let’s all get real here, most of these photos are airbrushed, and we shouldn’t...
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