Peer Pressure

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Good Debate Topics
Bored of the same old debate topics repeated and reiterated at every competition? Here are a few good debate topics that you can choose from for the next time you organize a debate.

As a student, one topic which I remember always making the rounds of the debating circuit was, does violence in television and movies influence the way children behave? By the end of my learning years, I was sure that I had heard every argument that could have been made about the topic. After all, how many examples can you give from television and how many instances of juvenile delinquency can you cite that resulted from watching a violent film? Yes, violence has permeated the media but can we for once stop making it the staple fodder for all debate contests. I am sure that there is no lack of good debate topics that organizers and teachers can come up with and if there is, then here are some options that may be a welcome break from citing Mark Anthony's oft quoted, Friends, Romans, Countrymen... speech.

A good debate topic does not necessarily need to be a political topic. It can be funny, informative, contemplative, social, economical - the categories are endless. Debate topics for students need to be chosen keeping in mind the maturity level and understanding that they may be expected to have about the speech topic at hand. Always make a shortlist of topics that will seem interesting to the target audience. Ask for suggestions and if possible conduct a poll on which topic would be preferred by the students. This way you will sustain the interest of the audience.When you finalize a debate topic ensure that it has a focus area. With some topics the area to cover can be too wide making it an unsuitable topic for a debate with time restrictions.Try to avoid topics that are too controversial, at least for debate competitions at school level. At a younger age it may not be possible for the kids to understand the gravity and seriousness of certain issues and while they need the exposure, they also need proper understanding of the topic. The debate topics given below have been divided into three categories - topics for middle school students, high school students and college students.

Good Debate Topics for Middle School Students
The speech topics for middle school students that have been listed below are debate topics about which the students will have some knowledge and opinion. There are a few political topics but most topics are those that affect their daily life. • Superman, Spiderman, Batman - superheroes or misleading idols? • Should homework be banned?

• Do video games really cause bad behavior in children? • Free travel and trade with Cuba: should it be allowed? • The 51st state in the US should be Washington D.C.
• Are there aliens?
• Bottled water: more harmful than good.
• Single sex education system is better than a co-ed system. • Mobile phones in school - should we ban them?
• Reading - is it the new style trend?
• Does detention actually serve a purpose?
• Are vampires real?
• Junk food should be banned from public schools.
• Thanks to social networking, there is no face-to-face interaction. • Is there life after death?
• Are mermaids real?
• Are Barbie dolls affecting the mental image we create for our appearance? Good Debate Topics for High School Students
Persuasive speech ideas that will interest a high school student can be a little difficult to decide. But the topics listed below may be good idea generators. • Which came first? Chicken or egg?

• Is animal testing humane?
• Euthanasia: Should the right to die be granted?
• Paparazzi livelihood vs privacy of celebrities: what is important? • Pros and cons of the No Child Left Behind act.
• Marijuana - legalize it for medicinal purposes.
• Global warming is a figment of our imagination.
• Should the death penalty be repealed?
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