Peer Interview

Topics: Question, Texas, College Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: September 30, 2014
Sarah Ung
Meador English II Pre-AP
5th Period
Peer Interview: Maria Shankle
Just picture yourself; you getting accepted to your dream school and not just that, but you were also given a full ride scholarship to your dream school for playing the sport you love. That’s the kind of big dreams Mariah Shankle has for when she leaves Keller Central High School. When Ms. Meador first assigned this peer interview, I really didn’t know who Mariah was or what she was like. However, by doing this peer interview, I got to find out who Mariah was and what her goals were for the future. As we were asking each other questions and replying with our answers, one answer that intrigued me from her was that she wanted to attend Baylor University, it’s because most people that choose to go to a school in Texas usually attend University of Texas in Austin. As soon as she told me about Baylor, I had a question already formed in my mind. Why, why Baylor? What was so special about Baylor to her? Her answer made complete sense once she told me. It’s because she wants to go to a school that has a good medical center so she can major in sports medicine and the best one for her is Baylor University. As she was telling me about Baylor University, just by watching her and the way she talks about it, I realized how passionate she was about it. Not only does she hope to get accepted to Baylor University, she hopes that she can get a scholarship from Baylor for volleyball. With this peer interview, I not only got to find out who Mariah Shankle was but I also made a new friend by doing this peer interview.
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