Pedro Noguera’s “Unequal Outcomes, Unequal Opportunities: Closing the Achievement Gap in Berkeley” and Tracking

Topics: Education, Teacher, Minority group Pages: 4 (1551 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Fabienne Germain
Professor Massey
EDU 301

Tracking Paper

In Pedro Noguera’s “Unequal Outcomes, Unequal Opportunities: Closing the Achievement Gap in Berkeley” and the video “Off Track: Classroom Privilege for All”, both the video and the article talks about the negativities of the tracking system in the schools. They get into how the tracking system has divided the students in ways that we didn’t realize. Both the article and video shows how the students are put in this tracking system where not all students benefit in. There are some students, mostly minority students are put in lower level courses that is not beneficial to them or helps them reach their full potential. For a long time this tracking system has been here in many schools but yet there has not been any changes made to stop this tracking system from continuing in the schools. There are many factors that lie behind this system that would make it difficult for anyone to stop this problem. In the video “Off Track: Classroom Privilege for All”, the students and teachers of Montclair High school talks about the effects tracking has towards the students. There are students and parents that don’t realize that the students are being tracked in the schools. For minority students, the concept of them being in the lower level seems to come natural for them. They become used to the fact that if you were a student of color or from a lower economic background, you belonged in those lower levels. If you were white or had a higher economic background, you were more likely to be in the higher level courses. While looking at the video, there are students that are concerned about how they are being leveled in the school because they are being deprived from getting the education that they need. There are students in the video that complain that they are put in the lower levels and the teachers and administrators of the schools think that they are not capable of doing work that the higher level students are...
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