Pediatric Nursing Questions

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Pedia Drill-001

1).Which achievement best characterizes the physical development of a 3-month-old infant?

A.) A strong Moro reflex
B.) A strong tonic-neck reflex
C.) The ability to roll over intentionally
D.) The ability to lift the head and chest from a prone position 2. When assessing a 2 year-old child brought by his mother to the clinic for a routine check-up, which of the following would the nurse expect the child to be able to do?

a) ride a tricycle
b) tie his shoelaces
c) kick a ball forward
d) use blunt scissors

3. After having blood sample drawn, a 5 year-old child insists that the site be covered with an adhesive bandage strip. When the mother tries to remove the bandage before leaving the office, the child screams that all the blood will come out. The nurse interprets this behavior as indicating a fear of which of the following?

a) injury
b) compromised body integrity
c) pain
d) loss of control

4. After teaching a group of mothers about temper tantrums, the nurse knows the teaching has been effective when one of the mothers states which of the following?

a) I will ignore the temper tantrums
b) I should pick up the child during the tantrums
c) I'll talk to my daughter during the tantrums
d) I would put my child in time out

5. After teaching the parents of a preschooler who has undergone T and A (Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy) about appropriate foods to give the child after discharge, which of the following, if stated by the parents as appropriate foods, indicates successful teaching?

a) meatloaf and uncooked carrots
b) pork and noodle casserole
c) cream of chicken soup and orange sherbet
d) hot dog and potato chips

6. When teaching the parents of an older infant with CF (cystic fibrosis) about the type of diet the child should consume, which of the following would be most appropriate?

a) low protein diet
b) high fat diet
c) low carbohydrate diet
d) high calorie diet

7. a school-age child with CF asks the nurse what sports she can be involved in as she becomes older. Which of the following activities would be most appropriate for the nurse to suggest?

a) swimming
b) track
c) baseball
d) javelin throwing

8. A child diagnosed with tetralogy of fallot becomes upset, crying and thrashing around when a blood specimen is obtained. The child's color becomes blue and respiratory rate increases to 44 bpm. Which of the following actions would the nurse do first?

a) obtain an order for sedation for the child
b) assess for an irregular heart rate and rhythm
c) explain to the child that it will only hurt for a short time d) place the child in knee-to-chest position

9. Which of the following would the nurse perform to help alleviate a child's joint pain associated with rheumatic fever?

a) maintaining the joints in an extended position
b) applying gentle traction to the child's affected joints
c) supporting proper alignment with rolled pillows
d) using a bed cradle to avoid the weight of bed lines on the joints

10. A 16 month old child diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease (KD) is very irritable, refuses to eat, and exhibits peeling skin on the hands and feet. Which of the following would the nurse interpret as the priority?

a) applying lotions to the hands and feet
b) offering foods the toddler likes
c) placing the toddler in a quiet environment
d) encouraging the parents to get some rest

11. Which of the following foods would the nurse encourage the mother to offer to her child with iron-deficiency anemia?

a) rice cereal, whole milk, and yellow vegetables
b) potato, peas, and chicken
c) macaroni, cheese and ham
d) pudding, green vegetables and rice

12. Because of the risks associated with administration of factor VIII concentrate, the nurse would report which of the following?

a) yellowing of the skin
b) constipation
c) abdominal distention
d) puffiness around the eye

13. When teaching the mother of an infant who has undergone...
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