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Effective teaching involves taking the lesson into consideration along with deciding the best delivery for the students you are teaching. The teacher’s role is to have a wide variety of methods to engage all types of learners. This paper will review five chosen pedagogies and teaching methods. The methods I have chosen to discuss are ones in which I have previously used or been exposed to in my own learning experience. The five pedagogies or teaching methods I will be discussing are case-based learning, demonstration, discussion, lecture and student presentations. For each of the methods, I will be examining their description, history, pros and cons, who would be the best candidate for that method and what type of assessments work best for each. I hope to draw some clarity to these five teaching methods for the most appropriate use in the classroom.

CASE BASED LEARNING – Case based learning is where you analyze a description or scenario where an individual is faced with a choice. According to Brookfield “Students are then asked to put themselves in the head of the character and try to identify the assumptions that character might be operating under”. Brookfield also points out that scenarios can be written for any subject matter and fosters learning in small groups. This type of learning allows the learner to draw from previous experience just as discussed in our text which is why adults learn differently than children. The Center for Teaching and Learning reminds us that there will not be an obvious solution which will require a more complex solution along with collaboration among the group. While case based learning engages and motivates the students it also requires students to think about their own views before they join the group and become aware of others perspectives. When working with case studies it may encourage students to be more active in the discussion. The best type of learner for case...

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