Pedagogical Knowledge

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In today’s world the pedagogical knowledge gives us many skills in the processes and practices or methods of teaching and learning and how it has to do with educational purposes, values and aims. This knowledge is involved in all issues of student learning, classroom management, lesson plan development and implementation, and student evaluation. There are many important factors in the construction of this pedagogical knowledge: The teaching process (teaching as a noun), teaching (as an action) and the ability to listen the teachers, so, as it is seen “listening” is essential in this course of action.

Teachers with deep pedagogical knowledge understand how students construct knowledge and acquire skills; develop habits of mind and positive dispositions towards learning. As such, pedagogical knowledge requires an understanding of cognitive, social and developmental theories of learning and how they apply to students in their classroom. Pedagogical knowledge is a special combination of content and pedagogy that is uniquely constructed by teachers and thus is the "special" form of an educator’s professional knowing and understanding.

The construction of this pedagogical knowledge is information based on teachers’ experiences, teachers transform and interpret subject-matter knowledge, in order to facilitate students the learning process. It should be noted, the development of pedagogical knowledge is influenced by factors related to the teacher’s personal background and by the context in which he or she works, and it is also deeply rooted in the experiences and assets of students, their families and communities.

As noted above, the pedagogical learning illustrates how the subject matter of a particular discipline is transformed, this way; it is easier for students getting the necessary information to reach an excellent knowledge. It includes recognition of what makes specific topics difficult to learn, so, students will be able to bring these concepts to...
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