Peasant vs. Lords

Topics: Family, Feudalism, Peasant Pages: 1 (469 words) Published: October 26, 2014

Peasant and Lord Paper:
If I were a peasant during the medieval ages, my life would be very different from the way it is today. Because peasants were only allowed to shower once a year, I would be dirty with bad teeth. We wouldn’t know about germs and the benefits of keeping clean like we do know a days. I also might be married and have had a child or children. Because you are born into a class, my parents would be peasants as well. I would live in a hut with my family, and we would sleep on the floor on top of a pallet. Each of us would have one outfit to wear and we would only buy a new one with what little money we had or I would sow another outfit once the cloth had worn away. We would wear cloth shoes in good weather and wooden clogs in bad weather. Food would be very scarce; my family would most likely be malnourished, especially my children. Our diet might consist of bread, porridge, vegetables from a garden that might be behind our hut and some meat if we were lucky. We would not drink alcohol. My family would work on a piece of land owned by a lord in order to bring in a little amount of money. The main crops we would work on the land would be corn, wheat, and beans. On the other hand, my life as a woman who was married to a lord would be very different but there might be one or two similarities. If I had been living in that time period, I would have no rights as a woman peasant or a noble woman. However, if I was a noble woman, my husband the lord would own property unlike the peasants who work on the property for the lord. Another similarity, as a noble or a peasant woman, I could not choose my husband; my father would choose my husband for me. As a noble woman, I would have to take care of the household and learn to sow, clean, cook, etc. Food is abundant; we would eat meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, grains, white bread, beans, and pottage. We might also drink ale. My husband as the lord would check is property, go over documents with other lords...
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