Peasant Fires

Topics: Bishop, Priest, Clergy, Anglicanism, Blessed Virgin Mary, Mary / Pages: 5 (1043 words) / Published: Mar 13th, 2013
Xuan Chen
Kyle Dieleman
Modern Religion and Culture
27 February 2013
Peasant Fires the Drummer of Niklashausen “The Peasant Fire” demonstrates a story about a drummer named Hans and his followers. They try to preach from a small town in Germany to Niklashausen to protest against the priests and bishops following Virgin Mary’s report. In the enchanted time, the real world is like attaching to a spiritual area, which follows the sermons of the priests and the Church, and faithful to what the Lord said. While the priests and the Church have done many things to exploit peasants and believers, they need to rebel from the Church by the sermons.
Also, Peasants always have to pay a high fee of punishment to the Church and feasts. They are living in a hardship and suppressed by other divine status. The priest leads the superior area of the pyramid, while the worker, the peasant, is at the bottom of the society. That is to say, the act that Hans and his followers do is based on different sides: spiritual combined with economic factor and social status.
People from the past rely mostly on the supernatural power to sustain to work. They cannot detect the order of the world controlled by priests and hierarchy. They consider the physical illness or problems not to some natural power, which come from God.Things happening are the cause of natural law that God decides for you to suffer or get renewed. They are sinful and need to be rescued by the Lord.
The only way they can do this is to be faithful to the Lord, Virgin Mary and work hard. Through the festival of Carnival, peasants are free to revenge against priests by roaring acts. Like Hans works as a peasant as well as drummer, he suffers from cold, famine and oppression by people with higher lever. He always worships Virgin Mary for harvest, and salvation for his sins. Virgins reply to him with the order to preach to people, forgive vanity, and allow him to challenge the authority of clergies and priest who are

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