Pearl Harbor
Topics: Attack on Pearl Harbor, United States, World War II / Pages: 3 (542 words) / Published: Feb 19th, 2012

Formal Outline
General Purpose- My general purpose of this speech is to inform you on Pearl Harbor
Specific Purpose- To explain what happened on Dec7, 1941. And to as well better explain why they did this to us in the first place.
Thesis- Dec 7 1941 was the day that we were ever attacked on U.S soil.

Introduction: On December 7th 1941 the Japanese attacked us on our own soil, devastating our fleet of ships and submarines.
Attention Getter- This was the first time ever we were attacked on U.S soil and it was a devastating blow on America, This is also how we were entered into the war.
Credibility- I learned about Pearl Harbor in 6th grade and it really striked my interest
Aim of speech- My aim to this speech is to inform everyone on the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Transition- Now I will explain the day before The attack.

First main Point.
1. On the day before Pearl Harbor Franklin D. Roosevelt he asked for and appeal to the Emperor of Japan for peace.
A. His appeal did not work, the Emperor said no
B. The Emperor then was planning the attack that night and would start the attack the next morning.

2. The night before December 7th 1941 the night was very quiet
A. It was filled with tranquility
B. The sunset over Pearl Harbor was a magnificent sighting to see.
Transition- Now to tell about the atack
Second Main Point.

1. The attack started in the morning Of December 7, 1941 at the time of 7:49 am.
A. The Japanese on their first fleet had 18 planes. Each pilots had their own ship to destroy.
B. They sent two fleets, there was supposed to be a third fleet but Admiral Nagumo (the Japanese commander) pulled the third wave and did not send it.
Transition- next I will talk about the afterwards of the attack.

IV Third Main Point
1. The attack ended at 945 am but there was enough damage in those 110 minutes.
A. Of the 100 ships we had here are the numbers
5 ships were sunk
8 ships were incredibly damaged And 11 of the

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