Pearl as a Symbol in "The Scarlet Letter"

Topics: The Scarlet Letter, Shame, Guilt Pages: 3 (1181 words) Published: November 29, 2014
In "The Scarlet Letter" by Nathienal Hawthorne, the narrarator places symbolic connections between Hestre's daughter, Pearl and the life Hester endures after her commitment of an adultrious sin. Hester is forced to look upon her daughter; a living embodiment of the ultimate sin commited as a contant reminder of the past. The erry details used to describe Pearl as well as her actions enforce the sifficance of the consequence Hester must be reminded of evryday for her action in the past. In profiding such deatils, readers become intreged as well as suspicious as to why Pearl behaves in such a dark and myseterious way. By describing such a dark soul beneath a name associated with such beauty and value as Pearl is, enforcees the hardships Hester endures beccause of her actions including her own daughter shunning away from her. Hawthorne's use of the character Pearl throughout The Scarlet Letter becomes a symbol of shame, sin, as well as a guilty concenious that Hester never truly is able to rid herself from. Although the name Pearl is associated with that of beauty and value, the descriptions used when describing her nature such as " " enforces the fact that Pearl is a living symbol of reminder of the sin Hesture commits. During Hesters public punishment for the adultry she commits, the scarlet letter along with Pearl both prove to present shame in Hester for her actions. "She turned her eyes downward at the scarlet letter ... to assure herself that the infant and the shame were real" (41). Everytime Hester looks at her daughter, she is tortured by the shame she endures for her sin even many years later. Not only does Pearl provide as a symbol of sin in public but also when both Pearl and Hester are alone. Pearl continusously points at the letter A harassingly asking questions about it while making a game of it by throwing rocks at her mother's chest. When Pearl and her mother are in a field, Pearl asks " " which indicats Pearl is wanting her mother to live up to...
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