Peapod Case

Topics: Marketing, Technology, Price Pages: 2 (327 words) Published: January 14, 2012
1. Which is/are the key issue or issues
Peapod Inc was an early pioneer in e-commerce, inventing an online home-shopping service for grocery items ahead of the commercial emergence of the internet. The main problem of Peapod is that over 6 years has not been profitable, has had big losses and it is very difficult to be a competitive company. 2. Construct a SWOT (give at least 5 items for each one)

Strengths * Pioneer in e-commerce * Experience * Just-in-time inventory system * Easy to navigate website * Competitive prices| Opportunities * Alliances with grocers who want to go online * Expansion * Growth technology * Partnerships with other businesses to sell their products online * Diversified product line| Weaknesses * Poor management * Delivery charge * No pricing information to customers * Cash flow * Cost structure| Threats * Competition * Government regulation of e-commerce * Online sales taxes * New substitutes * Economy|

3. Provide 3 alternatives with their analysis and comparison * Increase the advertising and marketing and technology
Through new marketing strategies Peapod could able to attract new local and foreign customers. And using new technologies may provide a quality service to its customers. * Expand, improve and diversify the service

Use their best resources and innovate new products and services for new national and international markets, also  be aware of the needs of each customer, for example something that could improve on your website is to offer consumers the option to see the prices of the products, since most what you need first is know the price.

* Alliances with supermarkets
Through this Peapod can gain more market share and can create brand aware, and in this way create consumers loyalty to Peapod. 4. Make a recommendation
Peapod should expand to gain more customers, market share and to be more profitable, they could win over consumers by increasing their...
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