Peaceful Warrior

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An Analysis of Dan Millman’s Way of the Peaceful Warrior

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I would say it is a tremendous pleasure, to write an analysis of the novel Way of the Peaceful Warrior, written by an American writer, Dan Millman. The book is an eye opener of sorts, and it has certainly influenced me, to live life like a peaceful warrior. The book is a perfect work of art, which combines the various thoughts, philosophies and fables that aids the reader, to live a better life. It is partly autobiographical, and Dan Millman describes his nightly sojourns at a gas station, where he meets a teacher--an old man whom he calls ‘Socrates’ who trains Dan, to be not just an exceptional athlete, but also to be a peaceful warrior. Dan Millman elucidates in his novel that peaceful warrior ‘loves what he does’ and who breaks himself from the shackles of illusions. Socrates helps Dan ‘find the peaceful warrior that is within each of us’. It is ‘a book that changes lives’ and is a word-of-mouth bestseller, which is an inspiration to its readers. INTRODUCTION

Way of the Peaceful Warrior is Dan Millman’s part-fictional and part-autobiographical novel, which is the story of the journey of an athlete, who had once lived an ordinary unsatisfactory life. He describes in his own voice, of how his life had taken a sudden twist, since the night when he came upon an eccentric old man, who works at a gas station. This chance meeting is followed by many others, when Dan learns all about life with its thorns and roses. The author Dan Millman is a former world-champion gymnast, Stanford coach, martial arts instructor, and college professor. He has written many best-selling novels, such as Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior, Secret of the Peaceful Warrior, Quest for the Crystal Castle, The Warrior Athlete, No Ordinary Moments, The Life You Were Born to Live and Four Purposes of life. All his novels touched upon universal...
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