Peace Like A River REACTION Paper

Topics: Choice, Mistake, English-language films Pages: 2 (359 words) Published: November 24, 2014
Jamie Parker
Mr. Zarrello
American Literature & Composition
August 30, 2014
Learning to Trust God
Peace Like a River, By Leif Enger is about how miracles can work throughout your life. The book displays examples of hardship that God guides the Land family through. They turn to God and have faith during the worst times, and they remember that He has already taken care of all of their problems before they even happen. One example of God intervening is when Jeremiah, the school janitor, hears chaos in the locker room. He then goes into to see his son’s girlfriend, Dolly, getting bullied by Israel Finch and Tommy Basca. Jeremiah stops the boys from hurting Dolly and beats the two boys for touching her. But the problem escalates when Swede Land, Jeremiah’s young daughter starts to get physically abused by the two young boys. Finch and Basca begin to blow the issue out of proportion, and soon enough, Davy gives warnings to the boys that he will take the matter into his own hands. One night Davy lures the two boys onto the Land family’s property when he begins to shoot at Israel Finch and Tommy Basca. After all of the things Israel Finch and Tommy Basca had done, Davy goes to court he learns that world is judged unfairly and the only choice He has is to break out of jail, facing his entire life paying the price for the mistake, he made by protecting his family by not getting the law involved by the beginning of the entire incident. In my opinion Davy should not be punished for his mistake for the rest of his life. The town did not take the incident seriously; they should have given the boys warnings. If anything the law should have been judged fairly. But I also realize that, the mistakes you make during your youth can affect your entire life big or small. It makes a huge impact on your life. So be careful on the choices you make no matter how old you get. Live life by getting to know God better and have faith in him to move...
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