Peace in Multicultural Society

Topics: United Nations, Human, Religion Pages: 4 (1612 words) Published: May 9, 2011
A particular community of people living in a country or region, and having shared customs, laws, and organisations is called a society. In a society, people depend on each other for life. No society can exist without interdependence and this interdependence on each other has turned the world into a global village. Clashes start when there is differences in customs, laws and organisationswithin the same region or a country. Sometimes these differences become so severe that they become the cause of war and terror. Lack of tolerance, accommodation and patience lead a region and country toward devastation. Today there is great angst around the world and all peace-loving organisations, institutions, countries and human beings are unhappy because of increasing hatred and conflicts. Beside these, poverty, unemployment, insecurity and disasters both natural as well man made are the contributing factors to these problems. These all are because of cultural conflicts between human beings. Culture, supposed to flourish human life and provide entertainment, has become the cause of hatred by few extremists in society. We can never eliminate hatred, war and conflicts from our society. Human beings were created with war and conflicts as part of their nature but we can reduce these activities through sincere efforts and work on improving our society. For peace, the primary step is tolerance and accommodation and secondary is the exercise of great patience. This way one can ignore those who abuse your culture, religion or customs. All countries are contributing equally to the spread of hate and hatred. No religion on the surface of this Earth preaches hate. However, elements from all faiths are using grossly misinterpreted religious misinformation to spread extremism and terrorism. East is creating terrorists but the West is publishing offensive cartoons of Prophets. If someone in the East is disturbing the peace in this world, one should only punish the guilty not the whole...
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