peace and war

Topics: War, World War II, Peace Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: October 10, 2013
Peace and War
Peace cannot be created with violence. Some might look to World War II as an example which contradicts that statement. But in fact it does not. During World War II, America created war, not peace. It was after World War II that peace was created. War never creates peace, and peace never creates war. When America went to war in Korea, they created war. And the 38th parallel has not seen peace in 50 years. Then America created war in Vietnam. Peace did not occur until after America left. For there to be peace, all war must stop. Then there will be peace.

It took Gandhi 55 years to get the British to leave India peacefully. He did it without any warfare. The goal of 'Peace In Our Lifetime' is similar. It is to bring peace to the whole world without warfare. War is not an answer for peace. It is opposed to, the opposite of peace. As We The People of Earth create peace locally, we will surround those that insist on war. It will become clear how we can peacefully persuade them to be peaceful. And as they observe, they will see and realise their war is meaningless. As we become peaceful, by default, the fighting will stop, because it cannot coexist with peace. It is in our focus on becoming a positive peaceful force rather than a focus on stopping a negative force that we become the peaceful people we can be. What we focus on, we become.

There is no such thing as a drug war. It is not possible to fight drugs in any sense of the word. Drugs are inanimate. They have no bacterial, viral or other self motivated biological activity. They will do nothing until nature acts on them. They will biodegrade. But they will do nothing on their own. The drug war around the world is in fact, a war against the people by the governments.

In America, this is a war on the people by the government, as apposed to a government by and for the people. The government attacking the people is treason. The only option left at this point is for the people to stop the...
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