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Building Blocks Healthy Eating, Physical Activity, and Oral Health A Lesson Plan Module for Teachers Junior Kindergarten – Grade 6 Healthy Eating Grade 3 Lesson 1

Lesson 1 – “GO-GROW-GLOW” Foods Curriculum Expectations: Students will describe the benefits of healthy food choices, physical activity, and healthy bodies. Objectives: Students will learn about “GO-GROW-GLOW” foods. Suggested Outline Section 1: Introduce Today’s Lesson Section 2: Discussion/Background Information Section 3: Activity #1, #2, #3 Section 4: Conclusion Section 1: Introduce Today’s Lesson Today we will learn about “GO-GROW-GLOW” foods by completing various activities. Section 2: Discussion/Background Information Benefits of Healthy Food Choices, Physical Activity, and Healthy Bodies • Ask the students, what are some of the benefits of: o healthy food choices, o physical activity, and o healthy bodies? Examples: Essential for proper growth and development Provides essential nutrients and energy Helps to maintain a healthy weight Strengthen heart, lungs and muscles Helps people look and feel good Perform better in school Perform better physically “GO-GROW-GLOW” Foods Grain products provide carbohydrates and give us energy to go (i.e. run, jump, kick a ball) “GO-GROW-GLOW” Foods Grade 3, Lesson 1 – Healthy Eating


Milk products and Meat & Alternatives provide protein, calcium and iron, which help us grow! Milk products and meat & alternatives both provide protein. Milk products’ key nutrients are protein and calcium. Meat & Alternatives key nutrients are protein and iron. “GO-GROW-GLOW” Foods Vegetables and Fruit provide vitamins A & C, which help our skin and hair glow! Vitamin A helps keep our skin healthy, and helps us see at night. Vitamin C helps cuts heal. Section 3: Activity Activity #1 “GO-GROW-GLOW” Foods Have them draw pictures of their favourite activities around the Grain Products that give us energy to GO. Have them draw pictures of their growing bodies (i.e., muscles,...
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