(Pe) Physical Education (Essay, Sac) Training Diary

Topics: Muscle, Muscle contraction, Physical exercise Pages: 2 (813 words) Published: August 25, 2011
I designed a training program that i carried out over a 6 week period which aimed at strengthening my upper body and core. I exercised for 60 minutes each day and after ever workout i collected the data and recorded it in a diary which described the exact exercise, number of sets, reps and duration. Before the training program i did a series of post tests which involved a 7 stage ab tests, 1RM bench press and a 1 minute push up test. For the ab test i got to stage 5 which meant i could do 1 sit up and touch my elbows to my knees, with the bench press i could lift a max of 92.5kg and with push ups i could do 40 in a minute. After i had finished my program i once again conducted a series of post tests to see how much i had improved. With my ab test i got to stage 6 which meant I could do the same but with a 2.5kg weight held behind my head, with the bench press i got to 100kgs which is an increase of 7.5kg and my push up test i got to 47 in a minute. I found that my greatest weekness came from my natural weight tests, with my push ups and sit ups. I belive these were more difficult due to my large weight as i weighted in at 105kg. But after i had finished my program i had put on 3kg due to an increase of muscle mass and a loss of fat. The reason i choose these tests was because they were specific to the exercises i was about to undertake for example with a push up it focuses on the core and all upper body muscles. Before each work out i did a series of proprioceptive neuromuscular facioitation stretches which i held for 6 seconds each stretch and after each workout i did a series of static stretches to help prevent the risk of injury. When i started doing my exercises the energy systems that i used changed between the anaerobic and aerobic energy systems. As i did exercises that invloved 10 reps, fast twitch fibres and a duration of less than 15 seconds i worked anaerobically but when i did my core intival training my body used interplay. As i started out my body...
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