Pe Essay on Swimming

Topics: Sprint, Confidence, Front crawl Pages: 2 (598 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Physical demands of swimming are/power to pull yourself through the water quickly, flexibility to perform the different strokes properly, CRE to push your body harder for longer, LME because your arms and legs are constantly working. Reaction time determines how quickly you react to the start of a race, co-ordination/timing to perform strokes properly, motivation is needed in the longer distance swims e.g. 800.1500,determination you won’t win a race if you don’t want it, confidence you need to be confident in your own ability and not worry about anyone else.

Skills involved in the activity are tumble turns, starts and technique, tumble turns is were you could lose a race they need to be fast and you must get distance of the wall, starts are just as important you need to be fast and get good distance reaction time is vital for starts, there are two kinds of starts:1-standing on the blocks 2- back crawl starts are in the water holding onto the blocks and throwing yourself of in a streamlined position, technique determines how efficient and fast your are in the water/ butterfly is possibly the hardest because you need strength to pull yourself up and through the water and co-ordination is needed to help the stroke flow.

Race strategies/ If its is a sprint event e.g. 50,100 I like to go full out! Longer distances e.g. 200,400,800,1500 I go out fast on the first 25: fast pace in the middle; and a 50m sprint to finish. If the event is an I.M I will swim to my advantages. I prefer individual sports as opposed to team games because you control your own race and you don’t rely on anyone else.

Social factors which help me participate in the activity are self-confidence, self esteem,

One aspect of fitness that is important to my activity is CRE, a fitness test I did to establish this was a speed endurance set. The set was as follows- 5x 400 alt I.m f/c on 6:00 10x200 alt f/c b/c on 3:00 20x 100 f/c on 1:45. 9,000 meters in total plus warm up and...
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