PDHPE- understanding of health

Topics: Psychology, Health, Sociology Pages: 2 (662 words) Published: March 18, 2014
What is your understanding of health?
My understanding of health refers to the freedom from disease, having a general condition on the body and mind in a state of good health free of injury and illness with producing physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and social health. It follows with my knowledge of the following five dimensions. Physical health can tell us how well our body functions and the absence of disease which can determine on lifestyle and behaviours. Mental health can show how strong we are mentally by being able to cope with everyday problems and challenges, how we accept ourselves and being able to control our behaviours. Spiritual health determines how strong our belief system is not just something religious but also within ourselves coming up with a purpose within life by respecting ourselves and others. Emotionally, were able to realise our abilities, how easily we cope with stress and controlling feelings with a good support system. A breakdown of one of the five dimensions of our health it can generally sink our usefulness in other dimensions. It can appear by how clearly we can simply improve our health by being physical, being physical can change our physical appearance and boost our emotional and physical health in one. Another example of poor health could be having a low self-esteem which can than lead to no enjoyment to social interactions s the bad health of mental and social health Also our health can be relative which is in a way displayed as we can make judgements on how healthy we are and compare to other people an example of this could aim towards the young to the elderly it expresses how young people can be so fit and energetic but when focusing on the elderly they are at their last stages of life which can tell us that they need rest and take care of themselves but also can show they have a difficulty with mobility, another comparison could be a mentally ill person wanting the access to education and awareness to a disabled...
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