Pdhpe Core 2 Multiple Choice Questions

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How Does Training Affect Performance
1. What is meant by performing a static stretch?
(A) Gradually stretching the muscle to a point where it is held for 10–30 seconds (B) Completing a stretch, followed by an isometric contraction and a further stretch (C) Performing a lunge or jogging on the spot to warm up muscles (D) Forcing the muscle to lengthen by continual bouncing during the stretch

2. Which of the following best describes what is meant by the training principle of progressive overload? (A) Ensuring that an athlete’s heart rate is below 70–85% of heart rate maximum during each training session (B) Gradually increasing the weight and number of repetitions for strength training exercises. (C) Participating in a variety of activities to develop a range of muscle groups (D) Scheduling 1–3 training sessions each week to maximise training benefits

3. During exercise, a 22 year old male athlete is running at an anaerobic intensity of 85% and has a stroke volume of 175mls and a heart rate of 170 beats per minute. From this data what is the cardiac output? (A) 354mls per minute

(B) 5mls per beat
(C) 40 litres per minute
(D) 29.75 litres per minute

4. Kyle is an 18 year old male ectomorph. He is a beginner into fitness and wants to start up a resistance training program. But Kyle isn’t really aware of the different guidelines used to train his muscles. His goal at the moment is to increase his muscle hypertrophy. What would be the appropriate guideline for him to follow to increase his muscle hypertrophy? Intensity (%RM)| Set range| Rep range| Rest| Speed of lift| * 85%| 3-6| 1-6| 2-5 minutes| Slow|

70-85%| 3-6| 8-12| 30-90 seconds| Slow|
20-60%| 3-5| 1-5| 2-5 minutes| Fast|
65-85%| 3-6| 6-10| 30-90 seconds| Slow|


5. An elite cyclist in the Tour De France has attacked the main peloton and is climbing a hill at 35km/h and 85%MHR. He is starting to feel the burn in his legs after 4 minutes into the attack which has caused him to slow down to 25km/h as well as his intensity lowering to 75%MHR. What is the result for the burning sensation in the athlete’s legs and the reason why he has slowed down? (A) The athlete’s legs were utilising fat stores instead of glucose stores (B) Pyruvic acid was building up in the muscles causing the athlete to become fatigued (C) Not enough oxygen was reaching the muscles causing anaerobic glycolysis to occur (D) The build up of hydrogen ions causing legs to become heavier and harder to contract

6. Which of the following sports use the aerobic system as a predominant energy system? (A) Rowing, Soccer, 800m run
(B) Cycling, Field Hockey, Touch football
(C) 5km run, 1.5 km Swim, Marathon
(D) Wrestling, 400m Swim, rugby league

7. According to the following graph of an untrained athlete and a trained athlete’s heart response during exercise, what is the most accurate answer for why the trained athlete has a lower heart rate?

(A) The trained athlete has a lower resting heart rate
(B) The untrained athlete was training at a higher intensity (C) The trained athlete’s heart doesn’t have to work as hard (D) The trained athlete has a higher cardiac output
8. A coach designs a pre-season strength training program for an elite male backstroke swimmer. The athlete wants to condition his body as well and improve his stroke so that he is ready for professional competition. Which of the following training principles would be applied by the coach to maximise strength and stroke of the swimmer? (A) Specificity and progressive overload

(B) Progressive overload and variety
(C) Warm-up/cool down and variety
(D) Resistance training and specificity
9. An 800m sprinter is performing anaerobic interval training efforts at his local oval. He is performing long anaerobic interval efforts that last for 1-2 minutes. He starts to become fatigued after three efforts and doesn’t know why....
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