Topics: Embarrassment, Exercise, Reliability Pages: 3 (712 words) Published: February 3, 2014
Discuss how previously low-profiled sports, such as netball or beach volleyball, have been altered to attract more media coverage and attention. -Type of attire (clothing)
-Camera angles
-National standards
Beach Volleyball: has received much greater attention and coverage in the media due to the type of clothing the women wear, camera angles portrayed, the national standard across the world stage and sponsorship. The type of clothing that the participants wear is quite revealing, making it appealing for a wide range of audience and spectators. -To some it seems ‘sexy’ and appealing

- Others it forms debates and seems sexist to other individuals - It goes against Australia’s promotions against skin cancer The camera shots during televised events can depict a wide range of perspective for the viewers. -Action shots

-Goes against traditional viewing
-Allows more angles and wider range of perspective for viewers -Shows more
-Allows people to stay in the action

Purpose of the Test
General Health and Wellbeing
-Strength and flexibility
-Ability to do day to day tasks without fatigue
-General lung health
-General heart health
Preparedness for Performance
-Pick up on injuries
-Clear data of athletes capabilities
Testing Negative Affects
-Embarrassed about results
-Public testing

Validity: measure what it is designed for (e.g. beep test endurance) Reliability: produce consistent results when testing the same person at the same point in time Purpose of the test
When used in an appropriate manner, fitness tests can provide individuals with valuable information about general health and wellbeing or levels of preparedness for performance in games and sport. Well-designed and well-measured tests can give information about general heart and lung health, the ability to get through daily life without fatigue, strength and flexibility. The information can also give very clear data about an athlete’s...
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