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Topics: Economics, Economy, Economic system Pages: 146 (47801 words) Published: December 4, 2014
Sanctioned as textbook for class Nine-Ten from session 2013 By National Curriculum and Textbook Board

Class Nine-Ten

Written by
Md. Zahirul Islam Sikder
Dr. Md. Azam Khan
Mohammad Fakhrul Alam

Prof M. Ismail Hossain
Prof Md. Amir Hossain

Translated by
Shwagota Sayeed
Nabila Nuzhat

National Curriculum and Textbook Board, Dhaka.

Published by

National Curriculum and Textbook Board
69-70, Motijheel commercial Area, Dhaka.
[All right reserved by the Publisher]

Trial Edition
First Edition:


Coordinated by
Dilruba Ahmed

Computer Compose
Perform color graphics (Pvt.) Ltd.

Shudarshan Bachar
Sujaul Abedeen

National Curriculum and Textbook Board

For free distribution form academic year 2010 by the Government of Bangladesh Printed by:

Education is the pre-requisite for the holistic development in our national life. To cope with the challenges of the fast changing world and to lead Bangladesh to the doorstep of development and prosperity, a well educated and skilled population is needed. In order to build up a nation imbued with the spirit of the Language Movement and our Liberation War, the secondary education aims at flourishing the talents and prospects inherent in the learners. Besides, the other aims also include expansion and consolidation of the basic knowledge and skills of the learners acquired at the primary level in order to make them fit for entry into higher education. The aims of secondary education further emphasise on developing these learners as skilled and competent citizens of the country through the process of acquiring knowledge at the backdrop of socioeconomic, cultural and environmental settings. Keeping the aims and objectives of National Education Policy 2010 ahead, the curriculum at the secondary level has been revised. In the revised curriculum the national aims, objectives and contemporary needs have been reflected. Along with these expected learning outcomes have been determined based on the learner's age, merit and level of acquisition. Besides, efforts have been made to raise, starting from the level of moral and humanistic values down to awareness on history and tradition, the spirit of the Liberation War, passion for art-culture and literature, patriotism, feelings for nature and equal dignity to all irrespective of religions, caste, creed and sex. Efforts have also been made to apply science in all spheres of our life in order to build a nation advanced in science. Attempts are also there to make the learner capable of implementing the goals envisioned in Digital Bangladesh-2021. In the light of the present curriculum almost all the textbooks at the secondary level have been introduced. While introducing the textbooks, the capacity, aptitude and prior knowledge of the learners have been taken into utmost consideration. While selecting the contexts and their presentation special attention has been given on the expansion of the learner's creative faculty. Adding learning outcomes at the beginning of each chapter, hints about the achievable knowledge of the learners have been given. By adding variety of activities, creative and other questions evaluation has also been made creative. It is indispensible for the students to be concerned about the economic activities and economic development of a country. Focusing on this aspect the Economic book for class Nine- Ten is designed. Aspects such as, introduction and importance of modern economic, Utility, demand, production, market, banking system, economic in Bangladesh, important economic aspects of Bangladesh, economic system of Bangladesh government are presented in an easier and comprehensive way. These issues are helpful to broaden the outlook and change the demand of the student. Considering the challenges and commitments of 21st century and following the revised curriculum the textbook has been written. Therefore we welcome with our highest...
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