Pd4008 Msc Product Design Innovation

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PD4008 MSc Product Design Innovation:
Assignment 2

Written by Alex Zhang
Individual Mission Statement & Career Aspirations

As a postgraduate product design student, it is crucial to develop a detailed individual mission statement for the future career. During the postgraduate education period, the fundamental design skills need to be developed and achieved at industrial level. The hand sketch skills, 3D modeling skills and concept generation skills has to meet the industrial levels in order to get ready for the oncoming jobs in design area.

It is recommended to have plenty of great concepts ready for further development before step into the industry. Those concepts should be well-developed in both innovative and commercial way which is suitable to be present in a design studio/company. Get the overview of existing products from current design industry and develop the ability to foresee the future trends of the market to generate more profitable products to fill the market gap.

The career aspiration for a new product designer is to generate and develop useful products that can improve people’s living life significantly and the product should be cost-effective to earn the profit. In addition, the newly developed concepts should make the user feels more convenient and comfortable to use compare to the existing products.

The further aspiration as a product designer is to generate and develop several innovative revolutionary/evolutionary products for the future livings. Develop a product that can be used by hundred millions people on this planet. Such as light bulb, socket, mobile phone and microwave. Those are the previous revolutionary products that being used for many years by millions of people. Therefore, present one or several remarkable innovative products for the human society will fulfill the self-achievement for the designer and improve the people’s daily life with better solutions.

Aim & Objectives of Career Development with Specific Plan

For the design career development, the short term aim is to improve any design-related skills to industrial standards and develop a comprehensive and innovative design portfolio to get better jobs after the graduation. The research project is one of the important parts of this portfolio and it should be a new product with creative and functional features to attract customers. This project will focus not only the design aspect but also the commercial aspect as well. Furthermore, there should be more innovative and feasible concepts being developed during the postgraduate period.

The medium career plan is after the postgraduate design course ended, it is much useful to take another business specific course. As a product design student, it is necessary to have some business knowledge and visions in order to develop commercial profitable product.

Therefore, learning a deeper and comprehensive business management skills and knowledge is essential for the future career. Sufficient business skills will enable the designer to find the market gap and create successful products in both innovation and commercial way with high efficiency. This helps the designer to work in large scales design companies and gives the designer fundamental skills to start their own design studio/company.

The specific career plan is after another year study on business related courses, find the job at small/medium design enterprise to practice for one or two years then jump to bigger and famous design companies with outstanding design concepts. Spend three or four years at the famous and international design companies to gain sufficient skills and experiences. Then the long term goal come—start own design studio with personal design theories and the commercial operation methods leant from previous job.

The new design studio will focus on developing new advanced products that improve people’s daily life and innovative electrical appliances. The...
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