pcr and replication

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Similarities between PCR and bacterial DNA replication
Replication and transcription involves a parental DNA strand that is the foundation on which the products are built on. Replication and transcription both have initiation step which involve the breakage of the parental DNA strand. Replication and transcription both have specific proteins that keep the polymerase molecule attached to the parental DNA strand. There are elongation factors for transcription and sliding clamp for replication. Both processes use DNA topoisomerases to relieve supercoiling. Both processes only proceed in the 5' to 3' direction.

Replication and transcription both involve the addition of specific 3' endings. In replication, it is the addition of the GGGTTA sequence by telomerase. In transcription, it is the addition of the poly-A tail. Both processes used nucleotides as the language on which the daughter strands come from. Replication and transcription involve the hydrolysis of a phosphodiesterase bonds to begin their process. Both processes take place in the nucleus.

Differences between PCR and Bacterial DNA replication
Feature in Bacteria Feature in PCR Place for DNA polymerase to attach to DNA strand RNA primers DNA primers Separates the two strands of DNA Helicase Heat Name of enzyme that elongates new strand of DNA DNA polymerase Taq or other thermophillic DNA polymerase What the primers are made out of (DNA or RNA?) RNA DNA a naturally occurring process induced amplification of DNA. Temperature there is no variation of Temperature There are three major temperature changes that go on in one cycle of a PCR reaction. State the relative temperature and what happens at that step. High temperature: 95 degrees C separate strands of DNA, break hydrogen bonds between bases Low temperature: 40 – 60 degrees C anneal primers

Middle temperature: 72 degrees C DNA polymerase does its job and elongates new strand of DNA How many rounds? In one round of DNA replication almost whole...
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