Pcn Complaint Letter

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Date: 15th December 2010.

F.AO: Parking Services at Thurrock Council Re: PCN number TK00741299

I have received a parking charge notice that I wish to challenge. I had parked on the corner of Stanley road where it meets The Retreat in Grays at approximately 10.45 am. I am a Taxi driver and I was called to pick up an old lady living at the top of Stanley road, I would have parked in the car park opposite but I was told by my taxi firm that I have to help the old lady out of her home as she has a bad hip and had a walking stick. The car park was too far for her to walk to, and the road was too busy for her to cross. I had only been parked at the corner for a few minutes but was issued a ticket. I explained to the traffic warden why I had to park there and that I was only there for a few minutes, but he abruptly said that he can’t do anything about it now and I have to take it up with the council. I think it is very unreasonable given the circumstances with regards to why I had to park there. I wasn’t disturbing anyone, or obstructing any vehicle access. I would like parking services to do the sensible thing and waiver this notice, especially as I work for the Thurrock borough Taxi services and given the predicament I was in. If I had any complaint from the customer and they decided to call the taxi firm I work for to complain, I would have got an official warning. As a part of my job I need to help those that need assistance getting to and from my taxi. If you would like to know anymore information regarding what happened please contact me on the details given below. I do hope you consider my appeal seriously.

Mr A. S. Purewal
01375 408494

Help for blocked nose and intro method to buteyko method

Tip 1.
When ever your nose is clear, breathe through you're nose all the time (every breath for the rest of your life in and out through your nose). Tip 2.
Buteyko Nose Clearing Exercise
1. Sit back, upright and...
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