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Printed Ckt Board
Types of PCB

Single Side (II)

Double Side (III)

Multi Layer


Flexible PCB


Single Side ( 1 layer ) :- The insulating substrate contains ckt pattern on

only one side. Which is called as solder side. The other side is called component side.


Double Side (2 layer) :- Double side means the ckt pattern is present on

the either side of the insulating material ckt pattern both on component side & solder side.


Flexible Cards


Flexible boards are similar to rigid boards except
the board are made from a flexible substrate material. The base materials are very thin and the common thickness is 0.1mm.


Multi layer Board (MLB, 4L,6L,8L,12L,16L ) :
:The ckt density is high compare to D/S for inner layer
made of special laminate is used for bonding purpose ( Prepreg). The inner layer is etched “CU” and outer layer is Non- etched ckt. After lamination or pressing the boards are drilled and plated like PTH D/S.

Process Flow chart for Single Side P.C.B.

Sheet Cutting

Film master preparation

Screen Preparation


Screen Printing

Board cleaning



Legend Printing

Roller Tinning or HAL

Final Cutting



Ink Stripping


Process Flow Chart of Double Side P.C.B.

Sheet Cutting

Film Master Preparation

CNC Drilling

Photo Printing

PTH or Electroplating

Board Cleaning

Pattern Plating or Electro Plating


Green Masking

Legend Printing

Final Cutting

Dry film Stripping


Tin Stripping


Mechanical Operation
* Sheet Cutting :-

Measure the size of PCB from film or

Panel Sz.

* Board Area
Boarder Area

* Laminates or Copper Sheet :1. Glass Epoxy 2. Paper fenolic 3.Teflon 4. Ceramick (CEM)

* Glass Epoxy :-



1.6 35/0

Cu Thickness
Insulating Material



Base material is reinforced with glass fiber or paper fiber as filler and epoxy resin and the cu foil is pressured over it to get cu clad laminates.

* Paper Phenolic :-

Phenolic laminates are reinforced with paper fillers and the cu foil is pressed to the base material.
0.8-18/18--- D/S
Thickness :- Fr-2, C-8000, 1.6- 35/0------ S/S, 0.8
1.6- 18/18-----D/S

* Teflon Laminates :-

Teflon is reinforced with glass fiber to get
a laminates of low dielectric constant and it is used in Radio frequency.

* SHEARING MACHINE :- Used for laminate cutting for PCB

Manual Shearing


Final Cutting i.e. cutting in finish size.

* Shearing Blades

* Motor drive Shearing.

:-Two Blades :- (I) Fixed Blades
(ii) Movable Blades.

1 to 1.50

* Punching :-Making Big hole, slot of different shape Die &Punch.

* Blanking :- Clean Cutting operation is done with a punching tool. * Routing :- Final Cutting by CNC machine or Pin router
* Drilling :- (I)

Manual Drilling
CNC Drilling ( Computer numeric Control)

* Manual Drilling :- * Used H.S.S. Drill Bit
* Speed of M/C is 6,000
6,000-16,000 RPM
* Stack Drilling
* Jig Drilling.

CNC Programming & Drilling

Do path making
Focus the Hole with help of camera and monitor.
For time saving and maintained the accuracy.
After programming Drill one Panel for checking the
Checked Missing Hole, Extra Hole,Shifting, Inter changed Hole, Drill Dia ( Drill dia checked by Hole Gauge. )





Path Making

* Drill Bit :- Tungsten Carbide drill bit used in CNC machine. Shank dia


* In double side PCB drill dia is always 0.1mm extra from finish size.

*. Ink Stripping/ Dry film :To remove the ink by using Naoh or Koh solution. Ink remove and the cu appears on track and pads only.

#. To cover the panel with insulating ink. # To avoid the short ckt. #. To protecte the cu for...
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