Pc Gaming vs Console Gaming

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Evan Mosey:

PC Gaming Vs Console Gaming
The gaming industry has evolved tremendously recently. One of the biggest change that has occurred in the industry is the emergence of two divisions in the industry; PC gaming and console gaming. It is important for gamers to make a choice on the gaming they prefer between PC gaming and console gaming (Koster 37). This is because it would be much expensive to own both the PC gaming rig and the console gaming machine. Much popularly known software has been released for both PCs and consoles and, therefore, in making a choice between the two, a gamer has to weigh the pros and cons of both of them. Pc gaming has some advantages over console gaming. First, in consideration of cost, PC software titles are typically less expensive than console software titles. As an added advantage, PCs take advantage of the full 1080p high-definition resolution of computers and, therefore; games are displayed in a higher resolution than in console (Bateman & Boon 112). Finally, PC gaming allows true personification which is not the case in console. Nowadays, there is a wide range of input devices and computer cases where a person is able to show off his/her gaming personality online. Despite having such advantages, the PC gaming also has some disadvantages. For instance, some technical know-how is necessary in case a person plans to keep up with hardware demands. A gamer has to know how to install upgrades. Also, the game must be aware if the components are compatible with each other. This can be an added cost to the gamer. Also, since computers are different, the game developers must create a title that will be flawless on every computer system. This is to the advantage of console where the hardware is uniform. This results in less customers’ selection for PC market. On the other hand, console gaming is affordable and is of a high-quality gaming. An individual having a computer or a television just need...
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