Paz Latorena's Desire: Society's Preference of External Beauty over Internal Beauty

Pages: 2 (729 words) Published: March 8, 2015

Desire : An Analysis
Paz Latorena's Desire strongly presented social issues and the society's preference of external beauty over internal beauty. The story itself was full of emotion and action - rising and falling. The characters were not named, using only ‘she’ and ‘he’ to signify their identity. Perhaps the purpose of the writer is to present an issue which could happen to anybody, male or female. However, this did not affect how the story flowed. It was still vivid. The central theme of this story is the desire to be loved for one’s whole being, and Latorena efficiently presented that desire through a woman who thought of her appearance as both a blessing and a curse. "She was homely. A very broad forehead gave her face an unpleasant, masculine look. Her eyes, which were small, slanted at the corners and made many of her acquaintances wonder if perchance she had a few drops of celestial blood in her veins. Her nose was broad and flat, and its nostrils were always dilated, as if breathing were an effort. Her mouth, with its thick lips, was a long, straight gash across her face made angular by her unusually big jaws." She, the protagonist, had a plain Filipina face, but despite this, she had a body of unusual beauty: “But nature, as if ashamed of her meanness in fashioning the face, moulded a body of unusual beauty. From her neck to her small feet, she was perfect. Her bust was full her breast rose up like twin roses in full bloom. Her waist was slim as a young girl's, her hips seemed to have stolen the curve of the crescent moon…. Hers was a body a poet might have raved over and immortalized in musical, fanciful verses. Hers was a body men would gladly have gone to hell for.” What follows the passage is the conflict. It tells about how she, despite her attractive body, is disgusted by single and married men who turn their eyes away from her face, but stares in awe at her body, with evident lust in their eyes. Because of that, she in turn...
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