Payton's Trip to Disney World

Topics: Walt Disney World Resort, Magic Kingdom, Disney Princess Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: August 9, 2010
Payton’s First Trip to Disney World

My daughter’s first trip to Disney World was the most magical, fairy-tale like experience of my entire life. Payton was only six-months-old when my mother decided she wanted Payton to meet the Disney Princesses. It’s a trip I will never forget a single moment of.

When we packed out belongings into the car to leave, there was five people’s luggage we had to fit inside my grandmother’s car. My luggage, Payton’s four bags and car seat, my mother’s suitcase and pink wheelchair, my cousin Sarah’s two duffle bags, and finally, my grandmother’s very large suitcase all had to be crammed inside the trunk of my grandmother’s new Chevrolet Equinox she had just purchased just to make sure we would have enough room on the trip. Obviously, it was extremely crowded the whole ten hour drive from Mableton to Orlando, Florida. Thankfully, Payton slept most of the way and didn’t cry at all.

My mother had made the five of us reservations to stay at the All-Star Sports Resort inside of Disney World. It was a very nice hotel with wonderful service, large pools near our room, and amazing food. All of the pools were shaped like items from different sports; Payton like the football shaped pool the best.

Our first day in Disney World, we went to Downtown Disney. Downtown Disney is a large park that is basically an outdoor shopping center. Payton got her first Minnie Mouse outfit in one of the many shops on the strip. She was so excited because there were so many people and so much going on she didn’t know how to react.

The second day we were in Disney World; we went to Epcot Park, which is a tour of different countries from around the world. As soon as we entered the park, Payton got to meet her first Disney Princess. Cinderella was welcoming all of her guests to the park and inviting them to her castle in the Magic Kingdom to have dinner with her.

The day before we left Disney World, Payton finally got to have dinner with...
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