Payroll System

Topics: Payroll, Data flow diagram, System context diagram Pages: 162 (23574 words) Published: September 13, 2011
STI College – Angeles

Solid Sun Builders Payroll System

A Project Proposal Presented to
STI College Angeles

In Partial Fulfilment
of the Requirements for the Degree of
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Bulos, Ian Gabriel
Mercado, Jacquelyn
Santos, Patrick Ian
Villanueva, Marco Paulo

Mr. Edwin S. Garcia
Project Adviser

March 2011

Table of Contents

1.1Background of the Study5
1.2Statement of the Objectives6
1.2.1General Objectives6
1.2.1Specific Objectives6
1.3Scope and Limitations7
1.4Significance of the Study8
2.0Methodology of the Study8
3.0Data Gathering of the Procedure and Analysis of the Outputs11
Transcript of Interview 11
4.0Existing System14
4.1Company Background14
4.2Description of the System14
4.2.1Data Flow Diagram14
4.2.2Data Dictionary21
4.3Problem Areas24
5.0Proposed System25
5.1System Overview25
5.2Process Specification26
5.2.1Data Flow Diagram26
5.2.2Data Dictionary30
5.3Data Specification34
5.3.1Entity Relationship Diagram34
5.3.2Table/Files Layouts35

5.4Screen Layouts/Specification38
5.5Report/Form Specification47
6.0System Coding 51
6.1Programming Language 262
6.2Special Purpose Language Tools262
7.0System Plan263
7.1Testing Stage263
7.2Testing Schedule263
8.0System Implementation Plan264
8.1Resource Requirement264
8.1.1Hardware Requirement264
8.1.2Software Requirement264
8.1.3Human Resource Requirement264
8.2Implementation Plan265
8.2.1Site Preparation265
8.2.2Personnel Training265
8.2.3Data Conversion265
8.2.4Implementation Schedule265
9.0System Maintenance Plan266
Resource People270

Chapter 1.0 Introductions
Imagine what would happen if employees work without getting paid, that would mean a disaster, these workers will be considered slaves and they would rebel against the capitalist. That is why payroll system is created. First we have to know what payroll means. Payroll is the financial record of employees' salaries, wages, bonuses, net pay and deductions. Payroll is the basic necessity of every employee. It is what keeps them from working for the company they are affiliated with. Manual payroll system is a very complex process, there is so much to consider before giving wages to the employees. There are several taxes and deduction that are met in the Philippine Economy, for example the withholding tax for the government, SSS and PhilHealth benefits for the employees. There are also benefits that are not deducted in the Payroll, the 13 month pay and other bonuses. These factors are also considered to further satisfy the need of the employees. The disadvantage of having a manual payroll system is that the accounting department will compute all the processes for the payroll, one mistake in the computation could ruin all the records that are already written. That is why an automated payroll system is created, to help people compute these processes easier and also faster with more accurate results. Solid Sun Builders is a construction firm that provides designs for infrastructures and engineers to lead the construction process. They do not have many workers for they only get manpower from construction agencies. But they have many other processes in the accounting department, which is why they are in need of an automated payroll system to minimize the work of their accountants. That is what our proposed system will do. We will provide them a faster, easier, and accurate way for their payroll...
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