Payroll System

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Pateros Branch
(SY 2013-2014)


A Thesis Presented To:

Ms. Lorna T. Magalpoc


John Mark P. Jalbuena


Title:Development of Payroll System

Proponents:John Mark P. Jalbuena

School:Saint John Bosco I.A.S.


Course:Information Technology

Adviser:Ms. Lorna T. Magalpoc


Payroll consists of the process by which a business pays its employees for work performed during a specific period. A payroll system allows businesses to follow a set series of processes in order to make timely, correct payments in compliance with government regulations. A payroll system may be manual or computerized and handled in-house or outsourced to another provider.

The payroll process typically includes calculating employee pay, recording payroll transactions and determining and paying payroll taxes. A company must have in place a timekeeping system that accurately reflects the hours put in by nonexempt employees as well as the regular salary payments for exempt workers. Employers typically withhold federal income tax from employee earnings; at the end of the year, they must report all wages, tips and other compensation paid. Companies also must withhold Social Security and Medicare contributions from employees' wages and pay a matching amount.

As the student of Information Technology at Saint John Bosco I.A.S., I have tasked with building a new payroll system to replace the existing system which is hopelessly out of date. Saint John Bosco I.A.S. needs a new system to allow teachers and employees to record time card information electronically and automatically generate paychecks based on the number of hours worked.


The problem and its background:

As computer technology changes at such fast phase, many businesses sectors try to cope up by upgrading computer system constantly in order to stay...
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