Payroll System

Topics: Computer, Employment, Payroll Pages: 4 (832 words) Published: January 17, 2010
Problem Statement
The study specifically seeks to answer the following problems in manual payroll process: • Speed in processing payroll tends to be slow.
• Prone to mathematical errors that could consume much time than it should and could cause financial or legal trouble. • Tallying of time cards is done manually.
• Time consuming in double checking the consistency of all the reports. • Difficult and time consuming in keeping up-to-date in taxes and other deductions. • Storage of files is susceptible to be damaged as well as lost of data. Significance of Study

• Speed in processing payroll will have a faster performance by means of decreasing the manual input areas. • Mathematical errors will be prevented by automatic computations that the proposed system will provide and you may not have to worry about having financial or legal trouble. • Tallying of time cards will be done automatically by including a computerized employee log-in system in the proposed system which will be responsible in computing the time the employee worked. • The proposed system will record all data in all reports at the same time so you can make sure they are consistent and it also saves time. • Employers will never have to spend much time in keeping up to date with taxes and deductions because the system will be designed updated to such deductions. • Storage of files will be safe and secured with “username and passwords” and can easily be accessed. Scope and Limitation

After several interviews and observations, the researchers have come to identify how the payroll works. The aim of the research is to provide a specific school, Hillcrest Baptist Academy, a computerized payroll system. The proposed system will guide the employer through all the stages of the process. The system can only do the following:

• Compute monthly net income, PAG-IBIG, Withholding Tax and other deductions • Add, save, delete, and update employee from...
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