Payroll System

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Attendance and Leave Monitoring and Payroll Information System

Chapter 1
Project Definition

1. Introduction
Having attendance monitoring, leave monitoring and payroll of employees is essential in any company. The company has to record important information pertaining to each of their employees and supervise their actions to make sure that they are completing their responsibilities capably and on time. It also has to work out their employees’ leave, attendance and compute their wages by referring to the employee’s 201 file which holds the details about the employee. However, these systems can be subjected to human error and fraud. Concerning this dilemma, the analysts opted to propose the Attendance and Leave Monitoring and Payroll Information Systems that will accomplish all needed tasks effortlessly and efficiently. The analysts chose the UMAC Forwarders Express, Inc., which is a company experienced in processing and clearing balikbayan boxes from all over the world, to be the focus of their analysis. They performed interviews on the employees and gathered information within the company. After acquiring all the important files, they came up with the requirements needed in the planned system. In this document, the current IT infrastructure and environment, the company’s forms as well as policies and procedures that are used by the company and relevant to this study will be shown. All the information gathered is used to find a possible solution to the problems regarding the company’s current system. By identifying and evaluating these problems, the analysts came up with an effective solution through the use of timekeeping, leave monitoring and payroll information systems. In conclusion, the proposed systems will proficiently help the company to monitor its employees’ attendance, supervise their leave and compute their wages.

2. Background of the Organization
U-MAC FORWARDERS EXPRESS, INC., is named as such to honor the legacy and memory of the late Chairman of Forex, Teodoro (Uncle Mac) M. Carińo Jr., U-MAC stemmed out from the Forex trunk, keeping its roots in the same address at 181 Ipil St. cor. Ipil Ext., Marikina Heights, Marikina City, with the same professional managers, staff and delivery crew. It is also in the same place where U-MAC maintains its big customized warehouse. U-MAC emerged right after the death of Uncle Mac in Mid-2003. With a strong belief and determination to build and inspire, just like above-mentioned Forex elders, Benjamin’s two sons, Atty. Aristeo Carińo and Robert O. Carińo, knowledgeable in business, formed U-MAC FORWARDERS EXPRESS, INC. together with innovative people in the industry. U-MAC’S workplace in the Philippines has over 16 years experience in the processing and clearing of balikbayan boxes from all over the world, and its pioneer delivery force has taken part in the delivery of millions of balikbayan boxes nationwide in the Philippines. U-MAC has a total of 117 employees; 71 of them are porters, drivers, and leadmen and the rest are staff. Staff includes the maintenance, motor pool, canteen, Vismin representative, consultant and finance. U-MAC has active worldwide connections and affiliates in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Guam, Saipan, New Zealand, Canada, Europe, Australia and the Middle East. In the U.S., U-MAC is well represented and accepted from California to the New York Islands. U-MAC has strategic headquarters in L.A, San Francisco, Tacoma, Las Vegas, Chicago, Jacksonville, Baltimore, Washington, DC, New Jersey and New York. With pride, U-MAC is strongly dedicated in serving Filipinos worldwide with only the best quality and most reliable service. U-MAC is firmly committed in making Filipinos overseas become closer to their families back in the Philippines.

3. Project Overview
UMAC Forwarding Express Inc. is a company well-versed in the processing and delivery of balikbayan boxes from around the world. They...
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