Payroll Basics in Sap

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Payroll Basics (PY-XX-BS) PurposeThe Payroll is based on an international payroll driver. This payroll driver was modified for each country. The country-specific payroll drivers take the statutory and administrative regulations of a country into account.Since the payroll driver has a modular structure, you can use the Customizing functions to quickly modify the payroll procedure to meet the particular requirements of your enterprise.Process FlowWhen you access Payroll, the payroll driver calls the accompanying payroll schema, which consists of a sequence of functions. For each activity, the individual functions import data from internal tables and payroll relevant files.Payroll is then performed as follows:ResultAfter the payroll run, you can transfer the payroll results to Financial Accounting, or perform evaluations and create lists and statistics. **************************************************************************************************************Payroll Driver DefinitionProgram you use to run payroll. StructureFor each Payroll country version there is a country-specific payroll driver with the technical name RPCALCx0 or HxxCALC0: * For programs with the technical name RPCALCx0, the x is replaced with a country indicator, for example, D for Germany, F for France, or X for "Other countries". * For programs with the technical name HxxCALC0, the xx is replaced with the ISO code of the respective country, for example MX for Mexico, or ID for Indonesia.The program RPCALCX0 (Payroll driver international) contains no data about tax and social insurance regulations for net remuneration calculation. The other payroll drivers contain this data.IntegrationA relevant country-specific personnel calculation schema, in which personnel caclulation rules and functions are stored, contain the steps that a payroll driver should perform during payroll. All data is stored in internal tables and saved in payroll-relevant...
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