Paying College Athletes

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Paying College Athletes

College sports have gained a lot of positive attention over the past couple of years due to the athletes’ passion and desire for the sports. Being nationally televised and making it deep into big tournaments can rack up a lot of wealth that colleges and universities can respectively cash in. Only the schools and sponsors of these profiting tournaments and bowl games collect the profits that athletes bring in and it is not fair. The athletes do not garner any benefits for the timeless hours and dedication they put into their sports. College athletes should be paid because they bring in an extensive amount of money and publicity to colleges and universities. Like any debate, there are those that oppose the argument who of course are the individuals that reap the benefits for having such athletes. Those that oppose the most are the sponsors and the NCAA that are confiscating the money away from deserving athletes. They believe that a scholarship is enough but that scholarship only covers a limited amount. There are also those who believe that a scholarship, being in the spotlight and being on national television is enough. To the players, it’s not about being in the spotlight or having their faces seen on television nationally. These athletes want to be able to compete on a higher level and play for the love of the game. The problem is that there’s a cost in doing so and the money that would help athletes is being held captive like a prisoner by the NCAA, coaches, and sponsors. The NCAA and sponsors for nationally televised sporting events are keeping athletes from playing the games they love without having to worry about the expenses it may cause. There is a lot of revenue taken in by NCAA schools and sponsors for having a part in nationally televised games. Athletes have a part in this as well and this is another valid reason why they should have their share in the wealthy pay cut. According to USA Today, the NCAA averages more than half a billion dollars each year in revenue (Whiteside 1). This does not include football’s bowl games; there are twenty-eight of them to be exact. This year’s Rose Bowl cost at the minimum $135 a seat according to (Deford 1). Theses schools soak up so much money and are naïve enough to think that they’re the reason why they receive that money when it is the athletes who generate it. Yes they recruit these athletes but if they weren’t successful enough to make it to bowl games, then schools wouldn’t receive any money. NCAA President stated, “We have a model for paying players. It’s called professional sports,” (Whiteside 2). Rude and arrogant, this clearly establishes that the NCAA is denying athletes the money they deserve simply because of greed. Athletes should, without any doubts, be compensated for the ability to make to bowl games or nationally televised events just as much as, if not more, than sponsors and schools that are involved with them. College athletes should be paid because it’s not going to stop behind closed doors. With all of the rules and regulations of the NCAA and the lack of financial support for athletes, they are forced to accept offers and other forms of supplement to make ends meet. Marvin Johnson, a form star basketball player from the University of New Mexico was one of many athletes that accept items from under the table. He stated:

I got crumbs. I’d say about $5,000. Sometimes I’d go by the coaches’ office and they’d give me cash. I received money when I told them my mother needed a new washer. I knew it was against the rules. I just didn’t understand the rules. Any other student can get money. But with athletes, it’s like we’re second-class students on campus (Looney 4). There’s obviously something wrong with the NCAA if athletes have no other way to make due other than to accept money and other offers under the table. Coming second to “normal"...

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