Payatas Tragedy

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← The first recorded incident of garbage-slide occurred in Lupang Pangako in August 3, 1999 during the height of a typhoon. While only pigs were killed in that incident, 32 families lost their homes.

← A year after, the Quezon City government has done nothing on the growing demand of Lupang Pangako residents to immediately close the Payatas dumpsite.

← A year after, another garbage-slide occurred on the fateful morning of July 10, several times worse than the first one. This time, more than 500 families lost their homes, livelihood, and properties, aside from loved ones.

← A 50-foot garbage mountain collapsed on their makeshift houses at the height of torrential rains. 

← To date, 234 people have been confirmed dead due to the disaster, while 85 persons remain missing and are still believed to be under the dump.

← Recovery operations have stopped since July 22. Around 63 bodies recovered since then are presently kept at the Empire View Park and have yet to be released by the forensic team and the QC government to their respective families.

← A few days after the disaster, several families in other Phases and in other areas around the dumpsite, particularly in the Group III area, were evacuated as they were believed to be in a danger zone. Officials feared another garbage-slide due to continuous heavy rains.


← Environmental and/or human losses

← Everything is buried under rubble, dirt, and mud.

← People die
because they are trapped under all that dirt.

← considerable damage to property.

← Public and private economic losses.
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