Pay or not to Pay

Topics: Learning, Money, National Collegiate Athletic Association Pages: 3 (1060 words) Published: February 17, 2014

Pay or Not to Pay
College athletics is an important topic for many writers. However, there are many different sides to each problem addressed. One popular topic for many writers is whether college athletes should be paid. Rod Gilmore’s, “College Football Players Deserve Pay for Play” is an article about why athletes deserve payment for playing time. This article is written in a way that will persuade readers into believing how he feels about this important topic. The other side of the argument is expressed in Nick Kapur’s article, “Should College Athletes Be Paid to Play?” This article explains why athletes should not be paid for playing time. Similar to Gilmore’s article, this article also is written in a way that persuades readers to agree with the problem addressed. In my opinion, college athletes should not receive payment for play because college is a place for learning and players are already paid to play.

First, Rod Gilmore writes for the argument of whether college athletes should be paid for play. Gilmore starts off by stating, college athletics are becoming indifferent from professional sports (Gilmore 1). College sports have risen in entrainment than they were a couple years ago. Since college athletics are becoming more popular with todays media, more money is available for the schools to use how they please. However, most of this money is given to coaches and facilities (Gilmore 1). It makes sense to some people to give a little of this money to players, but it is illegal. Rod Gilmore writes his article in a way that appeals to the reader. He does this by writing in a direct way. The reader can tell by the way he writes that he feels strong about his position on the topic. Since he writes this way, Rod Gilmore makes the reader think about what he has written. Therefore, the reader creates his or her opinions based on the way they feel. Also, writing in a direct tone also can cause the reader to get upset, or angry about what Gilmore has written...

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