Pay It Forward Psychology Movie Review

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Pay it forward Movie Review
Lisa Holmes
Life Span Psycology2012

Pay It Forward (2000)
Kevin Spacey (Actor), Haley Joel Osment (Actor), Mimi Leder (Director) | Rated: PG-13 | Format: DVD

This movie is great for several reasons. It is inspiring, entertaining and offers hope for mankind. The idea is to help three people in need and when they ask you what do you want in return, all you have to do is tell them that they will not want to do it. Of course, this is reverse psychology and the more you say they will not want to do it, the more they will want to do it. When they pester you for an answer, you then tell them that they have to help three other people in return. This strategy is called "Pay It Forward". The word Forward meaning instead of paying back the favor to the person who helped you (who has been helped before by others) they will find three other people to return the favor. They do not have to do it, but they will definitely want to do it, because they have been helped unselfishly and it truly is a pleasure to help without asking for any reward in return.

That I believe is the message of this movie. To be touched by someone who has helped you without asking anything in return, because the helper has also been touched by someone who helped him without asking for anything in return, and it goes on to the next person who needs help.

The movie was well written and well-acted. I liked how the adults learned life lessons from the child and felt the message was very uplifting and hopeful.
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