Pay It Forward

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It’s his first day at a Las Vegas middle school, an 11-year-old Trevor begins with an introduction to his tightly wound and horribly burned teacher, Eugene Simonet. While the boy’s white-trash alcoholic mother, Arlene, is too busy working double shifts as a cocktail waitress. Trevor finds inspiration from Mr. Simonet’s first assignment: Think of a way to make the world a better place. Our sensitive boy genius strikes inspiration with the idea to Pay It Forward. It goes something like this, one person begins by doing one major favor for someone else. Instead of paying the favor back, that person then does three major favors for three other people, and then they do the same. The idea is that even if some people slack off, the chain of good can continue to grow, it’s not such a bad idea. The movie’s website even offers up a list of charities to help you out. However, the quality of a lesson or idea does not automatically justify the manner in which it is delivered. The film does express the fact that, even if you don’t know if the favor actually did any good, it’s important that you make the attempt.

Pay It Forward is a rare movie with a noble story of kindness, forgiveness, healing and the courage to do one's part in making this world a better place to live in. It redefines the role of a teacher and parents, and their influence in a child's life. It also exposes a lot of issues like poverty, drugs, alcohol, violence, domestic abuse, and many others making it unsuitable for young kids. To realistically portray the different situations, there is offensive language, theft, stabbing, a sexual relationship between Eugene and Arlene is implied, and she is shown in skimpy outfits. But above all, Pay It Forward shows, not karma as some misguided critics deduce that the biblical principle "love others as you love yourself" actually pays off. This is a must see movie for teachers, parents and children 14...
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