pay for performance

Topics: Patient, Incentive, Medicine Pages: 2 (1548 words) Published: November 3, 2014
Pay-For-Performance is a health care payment system developed to try and address the shortfalls of the current reimbursement payment system. Incentives are paid to hospitals, physicians, and clinics for the improved quality of care for patients, efficiency of care, and improved health outcomes of patients. Pay-For-Performance is part of the improvement of quality as well as a cost management tool. Currently the reimbursement system that is in place pays for services rendered prompting providers to order tests or services that may not be necessary but offer them a better reimbursement. Pay-For-Performance will pay for the improved treatment and health of a patient, so instead of just ordering a bunch of services providers will focus more on the overall outcome of the patients care. Regularly monitoring the blood pressure of a patient with high blood pressure, frequently testing the blood sugar levels of diabetic patients, and monitoring the cholesterol levels in patient with heart disease are all forms of measures that providers can get reimbursements for. By maintaining and monitoring their patients health they can possible prevent the patient from having surgery for a heart attack or other procedures in the future and in turn saving money. Performance measurement is one of the focuses of the Pay-For-Performance system, which measure structure, process, and outcome. Structure is measured by the patients access to their own care through things like online access to their medical records, access to councilors for their specific health conditions and their experience of care provided. The process takes into consideration the availability of data and the reduced reporting burden (reduction of paperwork). The outcome of patients treatments is what is focused on the most. This measures how well the patient has been treated and the effectiveness of the treatment. The better a patients condition is managed the better the incentive pay out. Pay-For-Performance payments...
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