Paul Watson

Topics: Paul Watson, Greenpeace, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Pages: 4 (1372 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Captain Paul Watson
Paul Watson was born the 2nd of December/ 1950, now at days he is 62 years old. Captain Paul is a Canadian animal rights and environmental activist, who founded (1977) and is president of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, a direct action group devoted to marine conservation. Now at days Paul has only 1 child, his daughter's name is Lilliolani Paula Lum who was born in 1980, her mother is Watson's first wife, Starlet Lum. Years later he married Lisa DiStefano, his second wife, who was a former model and also Sea Shepherd's Director of Operations during the Makah anti-whaling campaigns in Friday Harbor. His third wife, Allison Lance, is an animal rights activist and a volunteer crew member of Sea Shepherd. EARLY YEARS:

Paul was born in Toronto; at six years old, he and his family moved to the lobster fishing town of St. Andrews-by-the-Sea in New Brunswick, where he grew up. His father's name was Anthony Joseph Watson and his mother was Annemarie Larsen. When Annemarie died in January of 1964 his family returned to Toronto. In 1960, Watson was a member of the Kindness Club, after trappers killed one of his beaver friends, Watson set out, (at the age of nine), to confiscate and destroy leg-hold traps. He was also known to disrupt deer and duck hunters, and to prevent other boys from shooting birds. In 1967 he left his house to work as a tour guide in EXPO 67 then he went to Vancouver where he worked as a fireman in the Canadian Pacific Steamship Princess Marguerite, at 1968 he joined to the Canadian Coast Guard where he served aboard weather-ships, search and rescue hovercraft, and buoy tender and then in 1969 he signed up as a merchant seaman with the Norwegian Consulate in Vancouver. THE GREENPEACE DAYS

In October 1969, Watson joined a Sierra Club protest against nuclear testing at Amchitka Island. The group which formed as a result of that protest was the Don't Make a Wave Committee, which is known now at days as Greenpeace. Paul...
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