Paul of Tarsus

Topics: Christianity, New Testament, Paul of Tarsus Pages: 2 (713 words) Published: May 3, 2011
Paul of tarsus did much to advance Christianity among the gentiles, considered one of the primary sources of the Christian doctrine, Jew and roman citizen of tarsus Some argue it was he who truly made Christianity a new religion promoted Christianity throughout the world, some say founder of Christianity Early life didn’t support Christianity he persecuted Christians because they said Jesus was the son of god went against Jewish religion, believed Christians were blasphemers Believed they were political threat to Rome On the road to Damascus he was struck blind and Jesus questioned why do you persecute me and my followers, he went to Damascus got healed by a Christian and changed his view point on Christianity - Converted ad 33-36 All of humanity was going to be redeemed by Paul’s work of preaching Jesus Became preacher of Christianity, describes himself as Jesus servant, preached in synagogues, christens and to Jews Promoted Jesus was messiah Christian missionary, known as the founder of Christianity was a Pharisee Paul undertook 3 missionary journeys and established Christian communities in Asia Minor and Greece. When he returned after his 3rd journey Paul was arrested Most effective missionary of the Christian communities and its first theologian Paul’s Jewish roman and Greek background prepared him ideally as the apostle to the gentiles More than one quarter of the Christian scriptures are attributed to Paul As a theologian he made it clear to the early Christian communities the meaning of following Christ In his missionary work he established churches in the political and cultural centers of the western world. His theology has been used as a source of the church and spiritual renewal at crucial times during the history of Christianity eg protestant and catholic reformations Extremely important summery of the Christian faith his writings - Centre of his teachings was understanding the death and resurrection of Jesus Paul preserved Christianity’s Jewish...
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